Best Selling Products On The Internet In The Pandemic

Best Selling Products On The Internet In The Pandemic

While the e-commerce sector has shown the highest growth rate in recent years, the search for the best selling products on the internet is increasing. We wanted to share a few sectors and product ideas that can be included in the bestseller list by consumers by analyzing the e-commerce data for the last 7 months.

While the e-commerce sector has shown the highest growth rate in recent years, the search for the best selling products on the internet is increasing. We wanted to share a few sectors and product ideas that can be included in the bestseller list by consumers by analyzing the e-commerce data for the last 7 months.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the sectors and products that are mostly online shopping by consumers during the 7-month pandemic period;

Furniture, home textile, decoration products

The furniture sector, home textile and decoration products, appears as a sector that steadily increases the number of orders and sales volume during the pandemic.

Since the days we were isolated, even in the normalization period, the time we spend at home has increased. While the process of working from home continues for many companies, consumers who want to create a comfortable working environment at home continue to purchase products such as work desks and work chairs.

Consumers order the products they need in the furniture industry online to make their living spaces more comfortable and livable. Especially during the pandemic, products related to the furniture, decoration and home textile sector are among the best-selling products on the internet in order to make their living spaces more livable for consumers who have started to spend time at home more often.

Clothing textile products

The clothing textile industry is among the sectors whose demand is increasing without losing its vitality in the pandemic. At the beginning of March, while there was an increase in comfortable clothing products such as home clothes, pajama sets, tracksuits and slippers, we can say that there is a demand for every product in the field of clothing, considering the 7-month period.

We wanted to open a separate bracket for hijab clothing. Since March, the “hijab clothing” sector is among another area that has increased its order and sales volume in online shopping… For businesses or entrepreneurs thinking about what they can sell online, hijab clothing constitutes an important part of the clothing industry. Turkey is appealing to a large segment of veiling provide a major share of the e-commerce market during the pandemic could say my clothes.

Cleaning hygiene products

In the cleaning and hygiene categories, where demand is always high, online sales have increased significantly during the corona virus process. In march; Sales of disinfectant products changed by 5413 percent, wet wipes 55 percent, gloves 286 percent. During the normalization period, these products now preserve their place as indispensable routine products of our lives. Masks, disinfectants, cologne, hygienic products and cleaning materials are part of every aspect of our home, office, bags, travel, and more.

Books, hobby products, toys

Online book sales remain among the sectors that increase sales volume and order volume during March-July. Online book shopping has been the choice of those who do not want to have a pleasant time and also do not miss their education since March. In this period, consumers; online ordering books of interest and among the best sellers.

Categories such as hobby products, educational books for children, board games, toys have been purchased frequently for 7 months. Digital games, game consoles, gaming computers are among the most searched and purchased products in Turkey. In your search for the best selling products on the Internet, you can join the e-commerce world with these products for the upcoming period.

Automotive spare parts

Even though we are mostly isolated at home in the past 7 months, the sectors that we have never anticipated stand out in the e-commerce market. The automotive and spare parts sector has an important share in the e-commerce market. Looking at the data, it is seen that consumers buy their orders in this area online.

Electricity, electronics, hardware, DIY store

Consumers continued to show interest in electrical-electronics, hardware and DIY products in the 7-month period. The sector managed to increase its sales volume and order rate every month. You can also take your place in the e-commerce market by turning to this sector to sell products on the internet.

Hunting-camping-outdoor products

Those who want to get away from stress and home environment with the effect of normalization steps while leaving the winter month when we were isolated at home, preferred hunting-camping-outdoor products to spend an isolated holiday. This year, while the campgrounds are overflowing, it has been observed that people of all age groups prefer a camping holiday. Consumers who want to spend an isolated holiday continue to order outdoor materials online.

Sports equipment

While the pandemic changes our lifestyle to a great extent, we are going through a period in which we need more sports. In order not to be sedentary, consumers turn to sports at home and buy their sports equipment on the internet.

Heating-Cooling products

We had a winter in the shadow of the pandemic and we are preparing to leave behind an article in the shadow of the pandemic. Consumers need the heating-cooling products they prefer frequently in their living spaces in summer and winter and order them online. Looking at the 7-month period, the heating-cooling sector, which managed to increase its sales and order volume, constitutes an important share of the e-commerce market.

White goods, household appliances

Throughout the pandemic, the white goods and small home appliances sector maintains its place in sectors that increase sales and order rates. Consumers often buy home appliances that make their job easier, from online stores. In addition, the white goods sector is among the products that consumers can safely order by being fully adapted to online shopping.

Food products

Since March, even people who have never experienced online shopping have used e-commerce, especially in the food industry. Of course, afterwards, many other sectors, which we have mentioned above, were added to the food. With the restrictions that came with the pandemic, consumers mostly preferred legumes, pasta, bread, canned products as food products.

Acting with the understanding of stock shopping, consumers have been meeting all their food needs from online shopping for 7 months. Online shopping has been used by many consumers for years. While this rate increased with the effect of the pandemic, according to the analysis; Demand for online shopping will continue after the pandemic.

Baby-Children products

The baby-child sector, which is a dynamic sector, is a sector where the online demand has increased by preserving its vitality during the pandemic period. Parents prefer online shopping safely to meet the needs of babies and children who have constant needs.

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