E-Commerce Site Mobile Compatibility

E-Commerce Site Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility refers to minimum mobile design strategies to meet the demands of mobile device users. An e-commerce website optimized or integrated for mobile devices is primarily designed within the framework of mobile strategy. It is then developed and reformatted for mobile users within this framework.

What is Mobile Trading?

Mobile commerce is also called “m-commerce”. Refers to making business transactions from a mobile device. It is an e-commerce method that allows people to buy or sell goods or services using just a mobile phone or tablet device from almost anywhere, regardless of location. Mobile commerce today includes more than an evolution of e-commerce.

What is Mobile Trading?

Mobile e-commerce is getting more and more on the agenda. In parallel with the use of mobile devices, especially smart phones, people now tend to shop from the devices in their hands in a short time.

According to research, 61% of users visiting non-mobile compatible sites continue their transactions by visiting the rival site. The rate of e-commerce customers who shop on mobile devices in China is approximately 74%. This situation forces e-commerce sites to be mobile compatible.

The main online transactions made with mobile transactions are;

  • Mobile money transfers
  • Electronic tickets and boarding passes
  • Digital content purchase and distribution
  • Mobile banking
  • Contactless payments and in-app payments
  • Location-based services
  • Mobile marketing and coupons

Types of Mobile Trading

While mobile commerce covers many different transactions, it can be categorized into three types:

Mobile shopping

Mobile shopping

It is a type of e-commerce made on a mobile device. Mobile shopping is possible with websites optimized for mobile devices, special applications and social media platforms.

Mobile banking

It is a type of online banking. Mobile banking is usually done with a special application; However, some banks have started to use chat bots and messaging applications.

Mobile payments

It is when a business owner or e-commerce user pays for her purchase on a mobile device.

Mobile Compatibility

The number of internet users is increasing day by day. E-commerce sites are also increasing in popularity due to the convenience they provide. Ten years ago, shopping on e-commerce sites could only be made from computers. Later, accessible applications from smart phones were developed for the e-commerce system. Today, you can shop directly from smartphones anytime and anywhere.

When you open an e-commerce site from smartphones, you are given the options of “Continue to mobile site or desktop site”. Desktop site; It consists of a wide variety of content such as advertisements, banners or images. The mobile site, on the other hand, is equipped with a simpler design that contains only important functions and features.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatible design refers to a website designed to display content on mobile devices. Website content appears smaller on smartphones and may not work on a tablet or desktop computer. Website functionality is the same regardless of device.

Mobile e-commerce sites or applications allow vertical or horizontal navigation. Links in the form of buttons, tabs and bars are predominant on mobile pages. Web designers prefer to remove marketing or promotional content from the designs of the mobile site.

Although their mobile platforms have limitations in content and design, they also offer innovative opportunities that traditional websites cannot. The opportunity areas offered by mobile e-commerce sites are unique. Its uniqueness is its use of geolocation services and support.

Mobile Compatibility Advantages in E-Commerce Sites

It is not possible to sit in front of a computer or laptop for a day; however, it is possible to carry the smartphone everywhere. E-commerce sites can increase their revenue by putting their online stores in the hands of their customers. So they can take orders anytime and anywhere. The best mobile trading method is to design a mobile application that customers can easily access.

Designing a mobile site for e-commerce is crucial to converting website visitors into buyers. No matter how good the products and services are, many customers can be lost if the e-commerce website is not optimized for mobile devices or mobile-compatible.

Some of the advantages of mobile compatibility for e-commerce sites are;

  • It allows users to shop from anywhere.
  • It gives the e-commerce company an opportunity to grow with new customers.
  • It offers an easy and practical shopping experience for its customers.
  • It is an alternative medium to increase sales.
  • It does not require fixed computer systems for online shopping.

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