How are social channels used for campaign promotions?

How are social channels used for campaign promotions?

Social channels have been used frequently by companies for a long time to promote products, brands and campaigns. Since it is one of the most frequently used digital marketing methods for promotion today, social networks are an important tool for conveying the campaigns you organize or the opportunities you offer to different audiences. In addition to creating the right campaign strategies, doing these studies on the right channels will directly affect the results and recycling you will get.

How are social channels used for campaign promotions?

Set your campaign goals

Before you start promoting on social media, you should first set your campaign goals. You can target a different recycling from each campaign. You must define the primary and secondary priorities for each campaign. You can create your campaigns for different goals such as gaining followers, promoting a brand or product, driving traffic to the website, reaching new audiences, and selling products.

Determine the metrics you will measure

It is also important which metrics you will measure while promoting campaigns on social media. You need to measure different metrics for different goals. You can also see how your campaigns are performing by making measurements on different metrics such as campaign access numbers, interactions, website referral traffic, conversions, click-through rates, application downloads.

Prepare your visuals about the campaign

Social channels are visual-focused platforms, so you should use the power of images to promote your campaigns. You can prepare different visuals for different campaigns, as well as prepare different visuals for the promotion of a campaign. Providing variety in images allows you to share the same campaign at different times or for different audiences. As you can show different products, you can also try to make your campaign promotions with various images that show the features of a single product.

Since it is very important to make the right visual selections and designs to attract the attention of the users, you should also take care to work on interesting and remarkable visuals in this process.

Take advantage of the videos

As social channels are mostly visual, video content has become the content formats frequently used on these platforms in recent years. Videos not only provide more interaction and access than visuals, but also attract more attention from users. For this reason, using videos in your campaign promotions helps you significantly increase your reach and interaction.

Using short videos in your promotions will be more effective for advertisements. You should not prepare very long content in your campaign videos. For this reason, you can prepare short videos between 15 seconds and 1 minute and promote your campaigns.

Benefit from ads

Social channels offer different advertising models to brands. You may have the chance to reach both existing and new audiences by making your product and opportunity promotions by using these advertising models in campaign promotions. Since social media ads play an important role in increasing your recycling and increasing your brand awareness, taking advantage of these activities will make it easier for you to promote your company. Since millions of users actively use these channels during the day, you should use social network ads for your campaign promotions.

Collaborate with influencer accounts

Social channels are also very suitable for collaborations with influencer accounts. For a few years, companies can promote your campaigns by collaborating with well-known people and accounts, especially on Instagram and Youtube.

Working with well-known people and accounts is especially important in getting your campaigns to different target audiences. Influencers have their own target audiences and reaching these audiences can also help you open new doors. You can direct these audiences to buy with your campaign content, as well as increase your brand awareness with these studies.

Have sweepstakes and competitions

Organizing sweepstakes and competitions on social media will also help you increase your interaction and your feedback. Sweepstakes and competitions are particularly effective for new companies to gain followers and increase brand awareness.

While distributing gifts and sweepstakes are important for gaining followers quickly, the range of these sweepstakes needs to be well adjusted. Continuous sweepstakes can cause both brand and product value to decrease as users get used to it. For this reason, making these sweepstakes in certain periods and determining the intervals well will directly affect the recycling you will receive.

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