How do you benefit from e-commerce in the back to school process?

How do you benefit from e-commerce in the back to school process?

Although returning to school has become a controversial issue during the pandemic process, school needs will be met again during this period. Regardless of online or face-to-face education, both students and faculty members will have a number of needs in this process. By taking a step into e-commerce, you can better manage the process of returning to school by making online sales by addressing the user habits that have changed in the last 6 months.

Since physical stores are in a very difficult situation during this pandemic period, switching to e-commerce before the start of schools will provide you with some advantages both during and after the pandemic. In this process, you can find the benefits of switching to e-commerce in our guide below.

How do you benefit from e-commerce in the back to school process?

First understand the expectations of consumers

Understanding the expectations of back-to-school consumers should be your first step in this process. By perceiving what opportunities they expect, which products they will turn to, their shopping habits, and additional needs arising from the pandemic, you can start to create strategies that will create interest in these products on your e-commerce site. During this period, the needs of consumers generally focus on the following types of products.

  • Clothing, textiles and accessories
  • Computer and accessories required for online education
  • Shoe
  • The school bag
  • Stationery products
  • Book
  • Toys and hobby products
  • Sports products

Define your customer base

The products you sell in your store may not appeal to all consumer groups. For example, when you sell sports products, parents who want to include their children in sports activities will be included in your target audience. Therefore, you should do your marketing activities in this direction.

Defining your target audience well in order to benefit from e-commerce during the return to school process will increase the impact of your marketing efforts.

Prepare a concept about back to school

In this process, you can prepare a back to school concept on your e-commerce site in order to attract the attention of consumers and facilitate the shopping process. Thus, those who visit your site can directly see the products related to this concept and start shopping.

Preparing a certain concept, highlighting the products related to school needs enables users to take action faster.

Prepare your landing pages

You can display your return-to-school products on your home page, or you can collect your products related to this campaign process on a different arrival page. The reason for doing this is that you can increase the recycling you will receive by directing users directly to these destination pages or pages after the ads you give on social media or Google.

Plan your Facebook and Instagram ads

In this process, it is important to do your marketing and advertising activities efficiently. You will receive from Google Shopping Ads in Turkey after the abolition Adwords campaign, we need to revise conversions. In this process, you may want to consider using social media ads to reach consumers directly.

Facebook is still one of the ideal social channels to reach certain target audiences. You can prepare ad content on Facebook with the focus of product promotions, campaign and opportunity announcements or coupon code.

In addition to Facebook, you can also benefit from Instagram ads in this process. You can use Instagram ads to bring your back-to-school campaigns to large audiences, to reach new audiences and to increase your sales.

Prepare product promotion contents

Promoting your products on social media will also be an effective method to announce your products and campaigns during the back to school period. By reaching your followers on social networks, you can share about the products you will highlight in this process.

By creating content that explains the benefits of your products to users and how they will make their lives easier, you can create interactions and recycling by sharing these contents on social networks.

Prepare discount coupons

You can also use coupon codes to attract the attention of consumers and direct them to shopping during the back to school process. With discount coupons, you can try to attract them to your e-commerce site and increase your sales this way.

You can promote these coupon codes on Instagram stories, regular posts, and by including coupon codes in your ad content, you can enable consumers to see these opportunities.

Be prepared for last minute shopping

You should also be ready for last minute shopping in this process. Consumers can wait for the last moment to complete their purchases. You can launch advertising campaigns with reminders for consumers who decide to shop at the last moment, as well as highlight options such as fast shipping, same-day shipping and free shipping.

It is possible to catch those who leave their back-to-school shopping to the last minute with fast shipping options. For this reason, you should also work on your shipping options and include these alternatives in your marketing efforts.

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