How should e-commerce companies prepare for the winter season?

How should e-commerce companies prepare for the winter season?

The winter season is approaching and e-commerce companies need to plan what kind of campaigns and activities they will do this season. Preparing will allow you to get more returns during the busy winter season. As the demand for seasonal products will increase, the New Year’s campaigns as well as the Black Friday week campaigns, which will be on November 27, make the preparations for the winter season important. In this process, there are issues that companies should focus on both in marketing and advertising on the e-commerce site.

How should e-commerce companies prepare for the winter season?

Increase your mobile site performance

You can run many campaigns during the winter season. There may be a load on your website, especially due to the marketing work you will do during the Black Firday and Christmas season. When you use social media ads or AdWords campaigns, you reach users mostly from mobile devices and they visit your website on their mobile devices.

Due to the increase in traffic on mobile, your mobile site should have a good performance, meet incoming traffic and provide a good user experience to users. In order to achieve this, it is important to do mobile site optimization.

Increase site opening speed

It is very important that your site works fast in this process and pages load quickly. During the winter season, competition will begin to increase even more as all companies will turn to campaigns and opportunities to close the end of the year. User experience plays an important role in this process. Site opening speed is also one of these user experience factors.

Test your infrastructure and do your maintenance work

As we mentioned above, when you make winter season campaigns, your website will receive high traffic and you will need a solid infrastructure for your site to handle this traffic. It is important that you do your maintenance work and take the necessary precautions by testing your infrastructure so that the site does not get difficult due to heavy traffic or get errors.

Determine your campaign and winter season products

It will be important to determine your campaign products that you will highlight during the winter season. It is important that you start preparing your arrival pages by determining the products that will stand out, sell and be in demand during the winter period. For winter campaigns, you should determine your products, prepare and plan what kind of pricing and campaign you will offer on the products. In this way, you will have time to develop preliminary studies and strategy.

Make stock checks

After determining the products that you will highlight for winter discounts, you will need to do stock controls and supplies of these products. In line with the sales made in the past years, you can estimate how much stock will be needed for which products with some forecasts and you can collect these data by examining the sales figures.

It will be necessary to determine a certain stock number for the products that will be in high demand and to provide this in the winter period. You should be prepared for this as you can consume your stocks more quickly during busy campaign periods. You need to take precautions as stock turnover changes during busy sales periods.

Choose your shipping options

In your campaigns during the winter season, you also need to determine how you will offer shipping options. You can do marketing activities through different alternatives such as free shipping, fast shipping, same day shipping.

During these campaign periods, since consumers will shop from companies that offer them the best deals, shipping options will also be one of the methods you can stand out. Fast shipping and free shipping options can increase your recycling in this process.

Set your marketing and advertising budget

While making your annual budget planning, you should plan your budgets for different seasons and campaign periods. If you have not made these plans yet, you will need to allocate a budget for advertising and marketing for the winter season. Due to the end of the year, many companies will increase their advertising and marketing efforts significantly. Companies will try to close these deficits at the end of the year, especially due to the problems experienced during the pandemic period and the decrease in sales.

Social media and influencer marketing studies will be very effective in promoting your products and campaigns in this process. You can organize social media campaigns and cooperate with different influencer accounts to increase your sales in the winter period.

Increase the user experience on the site

Even if you are doing your advertising and marketing activities efficiently, you will not get the feedback you expect unless you can provide a good user experience on your website and ensure that visitors can shop comfortably. For this reason, working to increase the user experience on your site will help you in this process.

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