How to manage products that are out of stock in e-commerce?

How to manage products that are out of stock in e-commerce?

Selling is very important for e-commerce companies; However, as the sales increase, the possibility of running out of stock products increases considerably. If you cannot keep stock constantly and the products you have are out of stock, the management of the products that are out of stock becomes just as important.

When you manage products that are out of stock successfully, you will not decrease your brand value and you will not have SEO problems.

There are some mistakes made in the management of out-of-stock products. Let’s consider them first.

Online ads

You may have advertised certain products on online channels; However, if these products are out of stock, these ads will not provide a recycling. Visitors who click on your ads will see that the product is out of stock and will leave your site, at the same time thinking that you are deceiving themselves.

What should I do? If you manage your advertising campaigns yourself, you should constantly check the stock status of the products you advertise on and stop these advertising campaigns when the product is out of stock. If you are working with an agency, you should be in constant contact with them and notify the agency about out-of-stock products to stop advertisements. Otherwise, you will start to suffer from these campaigns.

404 page

404 page

One of the mistakes is that the URLs of the pages that are out of stock are not working. If the consumer encounters a 404 page when he clicks on the product page, he may think there is a problem with the site or the site is not working. This causes the visitor to leave your site. If these 404 pages are too many, problems start to occur for Google as well, which can cause your site to decrease in value.

Redirect to home page

When there is no product in stock, product pages are sent to the home page with 301 redirects; however, this is not a way to please your visitors. Although 301 redirects will save you for Google, it is a situation that can cause trouble in terms of user experience.

Users can open multiple tabs and then want to look at the products. In this case, the fact that the product page is directed to the home page may cause the user to feel that you are misleading.

What needs to be done to manage out of stock products?

We discussed some mistakes made above. While these mistakes generally affect the user experience negatively, they also harm your brand value. Let’s consider what you can do instead.

Do not remove the product page

Removing the product page might be an option; However, users can access the link of this product that was previously shared from different channels and when they click the link, they will see a 404 page because the page is not live. We mentioned the 404 page problem above. If you made a 301 redirect while removing the page, it can also be directed to the home page, which we focused on this problem.

Do not remove the product page instead of doing these. But clearly state that the product is out of stock. Place this warning in a position that draws the attention of the user, and you can make the font stand out from the background and make a color to attract attention.

Not removing the product page URL will help you:

  • If it is a long-running page, search engines have indexed this page and this page has a certain SEO value. To preserve this SEO value, do not remove the link.
  • Content consisting of user comments may have been created on the page and this content is important as it can provide information to visitors. Even if the product is not in stock, consumers can get information with user comments. At the same time, these contents are important for SEO.

Make a product recommendation

It is also very important to make a product recommendation. However, there are some things to consider when making a product recommendation.

  • When recommending products, do not show random products.
  • Show products similar to the product the visitor has selected here.
  • Make product recommendations by considering different criteria such as color, brand and size.
  • If possible, try to overestimate the recommended product option.

When you make such suggestions, you have the possibility to direct the consumer back to the sale. This helps in increasing your recycling.

Send notification by email

When the product is out of stock, you can select the option “Notify by e-mail” to inform the consumer when the product reaches your stock. Thus, the consumer can wait before buying the product. Of course, he may not always want to wait; However, if they are satisfied with your service or cannot find the product elsewhere, they will want to wait. By implementing such a feature, you can inform consumers.

If available, direct it to your physical store

If you are also involved in physical, you can direct consumers to physical stores. You can get the contact information of the consumer and direct him to your physical stores that have products in stock. If you have more than one physical store, you can also suggest the closest store to the user. In this way, the user can also have the opportunity to try the product before purchasing.

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