Is corona virus transmitted from packages from cargo? Is virus infected during grocery shopping?

Is corona virus transmitted from packages from cargo? Is virus infected during grocery shopping?

The corona virus, which has a high rate of transmission from person to person, seems possible to pass on to others through inanimate surfaces. While it is necessary to be cautious against this risky situation, even if it is unlikely, it is very important for everyone to be cautious, especially against grocery shopping and incoming cargo packages. Here is the possibility of corona virus transmission with cargo packages and market products …

Is viruses transmitted from grocery shopping and cargo packages?

In these days when everyone is closed to their homes due to the global epidemic, it has started to focus on online shopping to meet their needs. People who are afraid to go out often supply their essential needs by ordering. However, at this time, there is a risk of corona virus transmission from cargo packages. However, the risk of transmitting the corona virus of cargoes is very low compared to contact with the infected patient. It has been explained that the risk of contamination is not dangerous, since the life span of the virus on non-living surfaces is limited.

Markets are crowded in all cases and it is very easy to infect the virus if an infected person touches the products. It is very important for people who go shopping to be cautious and careful, as the virus lasts 2-3 days on plastic surfaces. Considering that many products are stored in plastic packages, the place touched by the sick person should be quarantined for at least 3 days. Since such a situation will not be in question in markets that are public and crowded places, everyone should be cautious and careful. It is imperative that the hands do not come into contact with the face during shopping and that the hands should be disinfected after shopping.

The same is true for incoming cargo packages. Being cautious against the risk of contact by a sick person on the package, the person who receives the cargo should open the package without contacting anyone and immediately fold it and throw it away, then clean their hands with soap and water.

Experts say that the risk of virus transmission to people through the packages is not very dangerous, and that the viruses will disappear spontaneously if the packages are kept untouched for a while, but they say that it is very important not to let go of the precaution. Therefore, it strongly recommends going out in case of need and disinfecting the hands without contact with anyone after shopping etc.

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