Methods to facilitate your inventory management on your e-commerce site

Methods to facilitate your inventory management on your e-commerce site

Stock management is very important in e-commerce. Managing inventory in a correct and effective way ensures that your sales are not interrupted, and prevents incorrect orders.

When the stock management is not done correctly, the products on the site can be seen by the consumers and the orders of these products can be taken. Ordering products that are out of stock will not be good for your brand. You will have to refund the consumer money, and you can damage your reputation because you sell products that are out of stock.

In order to avoid such situations, you need to do your stock management regularly. In this article, we’ll share some tips that can make your stock management easier.

Compare the number of items you have purchased with those you have bought from the supplier

It is very important that you check the stocks you have with the products you buy from your suppliers. You may know the number of products you buy from your suppliers; however, sometimes there are wrong shipments or the products may be boxed incorrectly. In this case, the number of products you ordered may change and you may not reach a clear stock number. For this reason, it is useful to check the stock products you buy in detail.

Organize the products in your warehouse well

It is also important to organize your warehouse well for a proper stock control. Storing different products in the same order can make it difficult to control products. While taking stock, different products can get mixed up and you may not get accurate stock figures. For this reason, you need to make good shelf arrangements in the warehouse.

Organize the products in your warehouse well

Clearly state the names of your products

When arranging your stock in your warehouse, clearly state the names of these products. Using easy-to-remember names that clearly show the details of the product makes it easier to find these products when the order comes.

Keep your stocks low

This situation may vary depending on the products you sell; However, you can keep your inventory to a minimum for products that you do not sell continuously and much. If you have the information from your suppliers in how long these products will arrive, it is very useful to keep these stocks low. As you sell, you can request new products. At the same time, since you can request a small number of products from suppliers, your transportation costs will be reduced. Also, since these products will not take up much space in your warehouse, you can place different product items in your warehouse.

Manage returns well

Consumers can return products purchased through your e-commerce site. In this case, if these products are not damaged or defective products, they may be included in your stocks again. In this case, you may need to enter the numbers correctly and arrange the counts accordingly while adding the returned products to your stock. Failure to add returned products to stock can make your stock management difficult.

Take stock taking regularly

It is useful to count the stock of the products you have at regular intervals. You can check your stock status by counting these products. These counts may differ during certain periods. If you are not using a computer-centric inventory management service, some orders may have been missed and stock information may not be entered. For this reason, you can check the products you have by counting the stocks at certain intervals.

Use stock management programs

These programs work with the barcode system, so your barcode system must be working properly from the very beginning. Once you install this system, it provides a great advantage in stock management. Order received or sent products are read over this barcode system and the stock information on the computer is constantly updated in line with these data. In this way, you will reduce the problems you have with your stocks.

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