Things to Consider in Domain and Hosting Selection

Things to Consider in Domain and Hosting Selection

Web site projects are based on domains, hosting increases construction. Domain and hosting are vital in the establishment of websites that affect every aspect of life. For example; It can be predicted that the project will fail if the correct domain and suitable hosting are not chosen while setting up an e-commerce site infrastructure. Some points to consider when choosing domain and hosting will guide you in this regard.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Domain?

Domain is the name of a website. Site addresses typed in internet browsers are called “domains”. The first thing that is needed to set up a website is the name of the site, namely the domain. There are some issues to be considered when choosing a domain for a person, company or institution.

First of all, a name must be determined for the domain that can be purchased through domain companies (eg “”…). It is necessary to query the name you specified in the relevant query area. It will be indicated that the name you selected cannot be used if it is taken before. If the domain has been purchased before, information such as the phone number or address of the relevant person can be viewed within the permission of the domain owner.

When choosing a domain, you should consider the following;

  • Domains should not be long: Internet users are more interested in short, concise and catchy domains. In addition, all search engines, especially Google, like short and concise domains more. Spelling a domain as advertised should always be preferable. Names with hyphens, letters “v” or “w”, or the same letters in a row are not ideal. Because it is difficult to pronounce and explanation may be required. Domains shorter than seven characters are very good. If this is not possible, the domain length should be 7-12 characters.
  • Extension selection is important: The next step after determining the domain name is the internet address extension. The “.com” extension is the most popular extension on the internet. “.Net” and “.org” extensions are other popular extensions. The most valid global domain extension for commercial sites is “.com”. “.Com” and “” such extensions are common in Turkey. This is why in Turkey Google search engine helps out at the top. a domain has to be taken in Turkey “.com” extension is received revealed a risky situation. The “.com” extension of the same domain can be used by competitors or used for other purposes.
  • Take similar names and domains: Especially commercial businesses are recommended to take similar / close names and different extensions of the same name when buying domains. For example; If a domain has a “.com” extension, it should also have a “” extension. Because it is possible for competitors to buy and use the other extension. If possible, it would be sensible to take the “.net” and “.org” extensions of the same domain. In addition, it would be appropriate for companies engaged in cross-border e-commerce to take extensions of the target country.
  • Do not buy used domains: Some domains may become idle after being used for a while. Although domain is a good name, it can be difficult to reach the target audience or consumers because it has been used before. For example; An empty “.com” extension for a nice domain may be a sign that it has been used before. However, if you need to buy a second-hand domain, the purpose and prestige of the site should be investigated.
  • Consider social media as well: It is no longer possible to think of a website address without social media. For this reason, when choosing a domain, make sure that the social media accounts of the same name are available.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Hosting?

Web hosting is hosting web pages on high performance computers. Hosting computers are kept in data centers. Hosting selection is vital to a successful website project. The hosting package should meet basic website needs as well as focus on future website goals. Hosts that are not selected with features suitable for the site may cause project interruptions and additional costs. For this reason, many criteria and factors should be analyzed, from website software to content, from target audience to potential users.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Hosting?

While choosing hosting, it is essential to consider the following;

  • Operating system: One of the Windows or Linux operating systems can be selected according to the platform or site where the hosting will be used. These two operating systems use different scripting languages. Windows hosting for websites written as “.ASP” or “.ASPX”; For those written in PHP, Linux hosting should be chosen. Web sites written as “.HTML” are supported by Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Hosting area: It is the hosting area where textual or visual content used on the website is stored. The width of this area should be determined according to content needs. Data such as the number of website pages and the amount of visual and textual content will be decisive in choosing the hosting space. The needs of the future website should also be taken into consideration while choosing the hosting area. However, hosting space can be increased by upgrading the package through hosting companies.
  • Hosting traffic: The user traffic of the site is also important in hosting selection. Site traffic may increase as the size of the site content increases. Factors such as the target audience of the site and the estimated monthly traffic should also be considered. If a hosting that does not meet the traffic of the site is selected, access to the site will be blocked when the traffic quota is full. In this case, the site will be interrupted. It is necessary to switch to a hosting package with a high traffic quota.
  • Database: The areas where the site’s data is stored are called “database”. Content for those who enter the website is pulled from this database. In this way, regular data flow is provided. The database is divided into “MySQL” and “MsSQL”. Website software plays a decisive role in database selection. “MySQL” for sites whose software is “PHP”; For sites with “.ASP” or “.ASPX” software, “MsSQL” enabled hosting should be selected.
  • Subdomain: Domains that will be created under the main domain are called “subdomains” (For example; The number of subdomains should be chosen according to the scope of the website project. The number of subdomains in the hosting package and the number of subdomains in the website map should be sufficient.
  • E-mail: The number of e-mails in the hosting package should be selected according to the number of potential users. In other words, attention should be paid to the number of mail addresses provided by hosting packages.

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