Tips to increase the cargo experience of consumers in e-commerce

Tips to increase the cargo experience of consumers in e-commerce

Cargo experience stands out as one of the most important factors in customer satisfaction in online shopping. While companies that have a good cargo experience are more successful in reaching their loyal customer masses, companies that carry this experience to a certain standard can also increase their brand awareness thanks to this service they offer.

One of the biggest problems that consumers experience when shopping online is undoubtedly cargo delivery and notification details about cargo. Not knowing when the cargo will be delivered, cargo and product tracking is difficult to do, which can keep consumers from e-commerce.

The success of your e-commerce company in this area means that the consumers leave your site satisfied and will be able to shop from you again in the future.

In order to provide this satisfaction, you can do some studies to increase the cargo experience of consumers. We will give you some tips about these studies.

Offer an estimated delivery day

When consumers shop on your site, they want to see when their products will fall into their hands on the checkout page. You can offer consumers an estimated delivery day on the checkout pages, according to the status of orders and products in stock.

Knowing when the cargo will be delivered will not only make the consumer feel more secure, but also give information about when to own the product.

Of course, you need to present some details to consumers here. You should inform the consumers by stating that the cargo companies do not work on weekends and delivery times are calculated with “working days” time frame.

If you have different product categories and the delivery time of all of them is different, you can present them to consumers by showing the estimated delivery times of these products on the product pages.

Deliver cargo on the same day

If your products can be delivered to the cargo within 24 hours or within the day, depending on the stock status, you can inform the consumers. If some of your products are shipped on the same day, you can present this information to the consumer on the pages of these products. Knowing that a product is shipped on the same day will positively affect the purchasing decision of the consumer; because the opportunity is offered to reach the product immediately.

Increase the number of your delivery notifications

The process after the consumer purchases on the site is in your hands. In this process, you can always inform the consumer about the delivery by sharing all the details of the consumer’s order. You can send the product to the consumer via e-mail, when the product is packaged, when it will be delivered to the cargo, the shipping time and the cargo tracking number.

Increase the number of your delivery notifications

In this way, the consumer will have all the details about the product. When he knows when the product is shipped, he can check the product from the cargo company with the cargo tracking number.

Another advantage of these notifications is that in case of malfunctions that may be experienced by the cargo, the ball will be released from you. When you provide the consumer with the cargo tracking number and the time period in which the cargo is delivered, you also inform the consumer that the delay is not caused by you.

Make notifications via SMS

You can send cargo notifications via e-mail or via SMS. Although consumers are not eager to look at e-mails from companies, SMS can work a little differently. While making payments, you can ask consumers if they want a cargo notification via SMS and make these notifications by getting their approval.

Offer tracking features online

Consumers should be able to access the details of their orders through your e-commerce site. For this reason, it is useful to provide them with areas where they can access these details on the site. With the order number given after the payment process, consumers can see the status of their orders.

By adding the order status details we mentioned above to these pages, you can present whether the order was delivered, the time and day it was given, and the cargo tracking number on these pages.

Offer free shipping

One of the most common complaints of consumers when shopping online is shipping charges. In order to solve this situation, it is very important that you offer free shipping service to consumers.

You can exempt consumers from shipping costs by sending free shipping for purchases over a certain amount (Example: $ 100 and above). When you offer such a service, consumers who shop for less than $ 100 may want to complete their shopping for $ 100 to avoid shipping costs. Thus, you can increase your recycling by making more sales.

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