Warehouse and stock management tips for beginners

Warehouse and stock management tips for beginners

One of the issues that new entrants to e-commerce should know is warehouse and stock management. Improper inventory management can negatively affect your performance and sales in e-commerce.

In order to perform your job in a more professional and quality way, you need to give importance to stock management. Here are some tips that beginners should know about inventory management.

Compare the number of items you ordered and delivered to you

Most of the time, even if you will not have a problem, you have to compare the products you request from the suppliers with the products delivered to you. There may be shortages or surpluses in high volume product deliveries. In case of incomplete stock, you can give wrong information to consumers on your e-commerce site and you may run out of stock and you may not realize it.

If you get too many products, you can remove the product from the site, thinking that your stock is running out, and you will lose money because this will cause you not to sell these products.

You should check whether the products from the supplier are complete in number or know how many products have been delivered.

Benefit from product codes or barcodes

Determining a specific product code for each product or using barcodes will be very useful while keeping stock. In this way, since different products do not mix with each other, you can manage your warehouse more comfortably and prevent products from mixing with each other.

Keep a record of what products you sell to whom

When you sell your products, create a register of which customer you are selling this product to. In this list, note the product code, the number of products, the date the product was ordered and the date the product was shipped. Thus, as you can follow these products more easily, your transaction follow-up becomes easier. At the same time, since you keep track of the products entering and leaving your warehouse, you eliminate the possibility of mixing products in your stock management.


Check your weekly stock record

Make a weekly check of the products in your warehouse. There may be products that are overlooked or not processed into the system, and this may cause your stocks to be incomplete or excessive.

It is useful to do this stock control during the periods when you buy products from your suppliers. If you are constantly buying new products, keeping these records daily will give healthier results.

If your product sales are low and you do not supply products continuously, you can do your warehouse checks every two weeks or monthly.

Organize your shelves

It is very important to create a certain order on the shelves in your warehouse. When you arrange the products on your shelves according to the products that may be related, you can find the products more easily. Placing products that complement a product on the side shelves makes it easier to find products in the warehouse.

Identify the names of your products clearly and clearly

Writing the names of your products clearly and clearly ensures that these products can be found in the warehouse more easily. The presence of similar names or the unspecified names causes the products to be confused during the packaging phase and the wrong products are sent to your customers.

When wrong products are sent, wrong stock information will be entered into the system; and the consumer will be the victim in this situation. The people working in your warehouse should understand these products easily and should not cause such errors while packaging.

Switch to stock management automation systems

When doing your stock management, use automation systems as much as possible. Thus, when there is a sale on your e-commerce site or before it occurs, the status of the products in your stock will automatically appear on your site. When you use automation systems, you will need to benefit from barcode systems and these barcodes will need to be correctly processed on the products.

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