What are the advantages of the live support system for e-commerce companies?

What are the advantages of the live support system for e-commerce companies?

One of the methods you can use to take customer support services one step further and provide customers with quality service before and after sales is the live support system. When you integrate the live support system into your site, you will be able to respond to your customers more quickly, as you will have answered their questions, and you can influence their purchasing decisions during this support process.

There are some advantages of using a live support system for e-commerce companies. We will focus on these advantages in this guide.

Allows you to reduce costs

Live support system costs less than a call center. When you invest in live support systems instead of call centers serving by phone, making lower payments compared to the infrastructure and material costs of the call center will help you reduce your costs.

Helps you reduce abandonment rates

When a user visiting your site does not understand the content of the site or the products, they can get recycled quickly thanks to live support. In the absence of a live support system, the user may leave the page because he cannot find answers to the questions in his mind. This can result in higher page abandonment rates. For this reason, you can use live support to reduce these rates.

You increase the quality of customer support

With live support, reaching your customers faster and solving their problems allows you to increase your customer support quality in general. When it is set up correctly and supported by a correct team, thanks to the live support system, you will reach your site visitors more easily and help them without waiting. This helps you increase both service quality and customer satisfaction.

You can track customer activities

You can also use the live support system to follow the activities of your visitors or customers on the site. You can follow which pages your customers have enabled live support, find out what questions they have asked about these pages, and analyze how long they wait for live support. After this data, you can start taking measures to improve the services you provide against the comments, expectations and questions of users.

You can collect lots of feedback

You can collect lots of feedback

In addition to analyzing this data by tracking the activities of the users, you can receive some feedback from users during live support. You can start out from the questions they ask, as well as your customer representatives can ask users a number of questions and get their opinions during the conversations. After the feedback you receive here, you can develop strategies about what you can do to improve your services.

You can influence visitors’ purchasing decisions

When using the live chat system, you can directly influence the purchasing decisions of the consumers. You can approach users who want to get information about a particular product or service and try to convince them. At the same time, since you are making an online call, you can direct users to the relevant product pages and start completing the purchases by directing the users who need support in the payment process correctly.

You can improve the user experience

When users reach you with live support, you can also start to improve their user experience by informing users about using the site and directing to the right products. Improving their experience will enable your visitors to spend more time on the site, and thus increase your recycling.

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