What are the most common customer service problems?

What are the most common customer service problems?

Customer service has a very important place in e-commerce. Since the customer support units of the companies are in direct contact with consumers, they show the image and quality of the brand to the outside, and have an important role in acquiring loyal customers. Of course, if the customer support process is not managed well, it can cause many problems for consumers and damage the reputation of the company. In this guide, we will discuss the problems that customers frequently encounter in the customer support process. So you can learn from these problems and improve your own services.

Long waiting times

One of the most common complaints from consumers is that they wait too long to reach out to customer support or find a solution. When consumers reach companies via phone, e-mail or social platforms, they want the fastest possible return. Support requests via social media and email have longer waiting times and customers can afford to wait longer to receive a response; However, long waiting times are annoying for requests made via telephone or live support systems on the site.

Not keeping your customers waiting and listening to their problems by getting back to them in the fastest way will significantly increase customer satisfaction. In addition, customers who wait for a long time will be nervous and angry, so you may have more difficulty when you start the solution process.

Transferring the customer to different representatives

It is also annoying to transfer the customer to different representatives or authorities during the negotiations. Consumers want their problems to be resolved quickly; however, more time is wasted because of these transfers. In addition, when the consumer is directed to another representative, he begins to explain the consumer problem over and over again and this becomes a problem.

In order to avoid this situation, you should inform your customer representatives on every subject and reach the capacity to solve all the problems of the customers. In addition, getting your customer representatives to take some initiatives will help you overcome this problem.

Rude customer representatives

One of the actions that should not be done in the customer support process is not to argue with customers and not be rude to them. It is your customers that make your company exist, and whatever the subject may be, your customer representatives should not be allowed to communicate in a rude way. Your customers may be frustrated and rude about their problems; However, the duty of your representatives will be to calm them down, not take the matter personally and provide your customers with the best possible solution. Rude behavior can seriously damage your company’s reputation, which can lead to missing potential customers.

Automation of the entire system

Thanks to technological developments, you can switch your call centers to automation system and switch to automation solutions for certain problems; However, automating your entire system and not providing the opportunity to meet with any customer representative will also make customers unhappy. Since the automation systems will be based on certain topics, your customers may want to meet with a representative in extraordinary situations. In this case, there must be a competent person with whom they can meet. Failure to provide this opportunity will also significantly reduce customer satisfaction.

Operator’s lack of knowledge

Another problem is the lack of information of the representatives. Customers’ inability to solve their problems will both bother customers and result in insufficient service provision. It is very important to train your representatives about your products, services and customer support and to undergo a certain orientation process during the start-up process.

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