What should be done to create a brand in e-commerce?

What should be done to create a brand in e-commerce?

Building a brand in e-commerce increases the trust in your brand, products and services as well as gaining loyal customer base. For this reason, it is very important to be a solid brand and to emphasize this brand in all your marketing and promotion activities with a corporate structure. We will discuss what you can do in the brand building process in this guide.

What should be done to create a brand in e-commerce?

Define your target audience and customer profile

In the brand building process, you must first determine your target audience and customer profile. Because your brand slogans, colors, brand language, marketing and advertising strategies will vary according to your target audience. For this reason, you need to clarify the target audience that your brand will appeal to and your potential customer profile.

Your brand should be identified with your target audience and your corporate stance should be adopted by this audience. For this reason, you need to know your target audience and customer profile well in the branding process.

Identify the features that differentiate your brand

In the brand building process, it is also important to identify the features that will highlight your brand and distinguish you from your competitors. Because in the branding process, you should also put the features that make you you. In this process, by answering the following questions, you can highlight their answers for brand perception.

  • What is the purpose of establishing your brand?
  • Your vision and mission
  • What are the features that differentiate you from your competitor
  • What problem are you solving for consumers?
  • Why should consumers value your brand?

When you find the answers to these questions, you will begin to determine the structure of your brand and how you should appeal to consumers.

Check out rival companies in the industry

In order to differentiate from your competitors and examine how they create a brand perception, you should also examine your competitors and analyze their work. This not only allows you to obtain some sectoral data, but also provides you with some ideas on how to differentiate from your competitors.

It is important that you have an original idea and show your own identity in the brand building process. For this reason, doing competitor analysis will help you a lot while creating your own brand.

Highlight the benefits of your brand

It is important to highlight what kind of benefits you provide to consumers in the branding process and how you make their lives easier. Because while creating a brand slogan and appealing to the emotions of consumers, you need to create a brand perception based on the solutions you offer them and the benefits you provide.

By doing a SWOT analysis, you can find the good and bad sides of your brand and then you can start to create a certain brand perception in the eyes of consumers by using these good sides more effectively in your marketing and promotion activities.

Start building your corporate language

In the process of creating a brand in e-commerce, you need to start creating your corporate language. In addition to considering your target audience, the values you offer and your products, you must choose a language that is compatible with your company culture. At this point, you can proceed with one of the alternatives below.

  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Service oriented
  • Authoritarian
  • Technical
  • Dialogue oriented
  • Informative

You can use a few of them together while determining your corporate language. You can choose a language that is both dialogue-oriented and informative, as well as a service-oriented and friendly brand language.

Choose your corporate colors

You also need to choose the right colors to use while creating your brand. Each color has a different message. To create an emotional perception, you need to use the psychology of colors.

Your brand’s vision, stance, company culture and target audience play an important role in color selection. If you are appealing to a young audience, you may need to go for more vibrant colors. If you have a more corporate and authoritative approach, you can turn to colors such as blue that give confidence. You can read more about the uses of color in our guide below.

Choose the fonts to use

In the branding process, you should also choose the fonts you will use to create institutionalism and integrity. Modern fonts are very popular nowadays. At this point, there are a few points to consider when choosing up-to-date fonts. While the typefaces with quotes create a more corporate impression, the fonts with curved lines create a more modern and dynamic impression.

Logo design and slogan

Another issue that you should especially focus on in the brand building process is logo design and slogan. Your logo design is particularly important as it will reflect your brand’s identity, vision and image. The slogan, on the other hand, shows consumers what your brand is doing or what it specializes in, with a few words. When you work on the details mentioned above, you will get some data about how you want to reflect your brand identity to your target audience. Based on these data, you can create an original brand slogan. For information about logo design, you can review our guide below.

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