What should consumers pay attention to in product delivery by cargo?

What should consumers pay attention to in product delivery by cargo?

There are some factors that consumers who shop online should pay attention to during cargo delivery. Although there are no specific laws in e-commerce regarding cargo delivery yet, consumers should pay attention to these factors in order to reduce their victimization.

Check the product with the cargo attendant

During the delivery of the product, open your package with the courier in case of any damage. If something is missing or damaged, it will be difficult to prove it; For this reason, you should do these checks with the cargo attendant.

Attach a “Damage Assessment Report” if the product is damaged

If the product you purchased is damaged or incomplete during delivery, you must have a “damage assessment report” attached to the cargo officer at that moment. This situation can be considered from two angles. The product was either damaged during delivery or was sent by the seller company incomplete or damaged. In this case, you can take your cargo and send the product back without receiving it by preparing an inspection report during an incomplete or damaged delivery so that the responsibility is not on you.

Attach a "Damage Assessment Report" if the product is damaged

Do not sign that you have received the product without checking

You must check the product before receiving it and sign it afterwards. Many people sign this directly; only after you sign the cargo company is done. After that moment, when you open the cargo and the product arrives damaged, the responsibility is out of the cargo company. In this case, you need to contact the seller company and explain the situation. For this reason, it is important to check and open the product next to the cargo officer and sign if there is no problem.

Do not sign that you have received the product without checking

Check the product invoice

During the delivery of the product you purchased, check whether there is a product invoice. If the product does not have an invoice, do not receive the cargo and send it back. Because if there is no invoice and you have a problem with the product, the seller company will want to see your invoice. If you do not receive the invoice, you may not be able to claim any legal rights, which will result in victims.

Track your cargo

As we mentioned above, you should follow up your cargo. Although the delivery of the cargo is the duty of the seller company and the cargo company, you also have the obligation to follow up the service you receive.

You should check the order status and follow up the product by staying in touch with both the cargo company and the seller company. In this way, you can avoid misunderstandings and you may be aware of the problems that may occur during delivery.

Cargo companies do not have to make a notification by phone

Some consumers can wait for cargo companies to notify by phone before cargo delivery; but this is not the case. Cargo companies are not obliged to reach the buyer in advance and inform when the order will be delivered. As the buyer, what you have to do is to be at the delivery address if possible or to follow the notes left by the cargo company when they cannot find it at the address. If these notes are not left, you can contact the shipping company and request information about the delivery.

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