What should you do to reduce product returns?

What should you do to reduce product returns?

These situations, caused by both consumers and brands, caused brands to lose money and to be interested in product return processes.

As an e-commerce company, it is in your hands to keep product return rates to a minimum. By paying attention to some factors, you can inform the consumers in the maximum way and increase the quality of the service you provide to them, so you do not have to deal with problems such as product returns.

In this article, we will focus on what you can do on your e-commerce site to reduce product returns.

Use quality product images

One of the main reasons why consumers make product returns is that the product they see on the website does not match the product they receive. One of the reasons for this is that quality and high resolution images are not used. The product should be photographed from every angle and all details should be shown to users.

Use quality product images

Consumers should be able to get as much information as possible about the product they purchase, and you can provide this with the visuals you use.

Write detailed product descriptions

It is actually your job to provide consumers with maximum information about the product. In order to keep product returns at the lowest level, your product descriptions must be detailed and full of the information the user is looking for.

To achieve this, one should not only focus on keywords. It is necessary to find content that includes all the features of the product and answers questions that the consumer may think of.

In addition to the detailed contents of the product, it must also match the product you sent. If you mislead consumers by writing the features that the product does not have in these descriptions, consumers will want to return the products.

Do good warehouse management

One of the situations that cause product returns is the mess in the warehouse. That’s why you need to do your warehouse management in the best way possible. Your employees in the warehouse need to follow the orders correctly, pack the right products and send these products to the right users.

To achieve this, you need to establish a regular warehouse management, as well as train your employees in this department well. Failure to provide them with the necessary training and to explain the product tracking system correctly will result in sending the wrong products and increasing returns.

Offer product guides

Providing consumers with guidance on products to facilitate the use of the product is also a way to reduce product returns. Although a user manual is provided with the products, it will add value to the users by offering more and video content when necessary and providing them with details about the products they do not know.

Product satisfaction of consumers who see that they can use the products with all their features will also increase.

Offer after sales support

Providing technical support on the products after sales will also help reduce return rates. Before consumers return a product, they will want to resolve the issue they are experiencing. Therefore, it will need technical support when necessary.

By keeping your after-sales services in this direction, you can solve the problems that consumers experience with products. Solving these problems will naturally prevent product returns.

Analyze product returns

In order to reduce these rates, it is very important to analyze the product returns made so far. Consumers return your products for what reasons. Identifying and analyzing these problems will show you in which areas you are experiencing problems.

By doing these analyzes periodically, you can solve the problems faced by consumers by making improvements on your site or services. Focusing on the most common problems will prevent you from making similar mistakes in the future.

Take care of product packaging

Damaged, damaged product packages also cause product returns. For this reason, you should take extra care when packaging your products. The fact that the packages are not damaged during the delivery of the cargo and that they reach the user’s hand in a safe way creates the perception that the consumer can use the product safely.

Damaged packages lead to the thought that the product may also be damaged during delivery, as it will reduce trust in the brand. In order to avoid these situations, it is useful to be careful when packaging your products.

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