What should you do to write compelling product descriptions?

What should you do to write compelling product descriptions?

You can compare the product descriptions on your e-commerce site to the salespeople in physical stores. Salespeople try to persuade consumers to sell the products. In online shopping, this job is undertaken by your product descriptions. For this reason, you need to work on your product descriptions separately and make them convincing.

There are a number of methods you can use to make the descriptions on your product pages more effective. We will focus on these methods in this guide.

Define your target audience well

Addressing a general audience in product descriptions will not yield very successful results. Instead, it is a more effective method to consider the target audience you want to reach as a brand and create explanations that will appeal to this audience. In order to do this, you must first examine the market you are in and then research and analyze the target audience that this market addresses.

Instead of describing your products in general, you can tell them about your products with sentences and expressions that will appeal to this target audience. This type of method will make your products stand out more.

Make your descriptions easy to read

While consumers are browsing through the products, they may visit many different sites or they may want to get information about the product as quickly as possible. In this case, it will be very important that your product descriptions are easy to read.

What you write should be easy to understand, both in terms of design and text content. You can use a short description on the side of the product with the basic features of the product. For technical and other details, you can also include a more detailed product description at the bottom of the page. In this way, you will not tire the users who want to get information quickly and at the same time, you will explain your product in a simple language.

List the important features

In the short description section of the product, you can highlight the main and important features of the product to attract the attention of consumers. Thus, even those who want to get information about the product quickly can see these features and read them comfortably.

Use friendly and very informal language

The language you use in product descriptions may vary depending on the target audience; However, one of the points you should be careful about should be not to get too formal. Continuing with the example of salespeople in physical stores, the best sellers are often the ones who speak candidly to and communicate well with their customers.

Since using a sincere language will bring consumers closer to your brand, you can choose to create a warmer and more sincere expression by putting the formality aside in your product descriptions.

Have evidence when using adjectives

Many companies prefer to use adjectives such as “best” and “best seller” when promoting their products. When you choose to use these types of adjectives, you should have evidence to support this. If you have user comments, product-related awards or certificates, you can support these statements. However, using such adjectives without proof will not be enough to attract users. Because users will also expect these statements to be full.

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