What you need to know before moving your physical store to the internet

What you need to know before moving your physical store to the internet

Physical store owners are starting to turn to the e-commerce sector to be able to sell online. regular users and the increase in the volume of e-commerce in Turkey is due to start learning from the internet shopping habits, to show presence on the internet, also it is starting to become a very important physical stores.

However, before entering the e-commerce sector and starting to sell online, you need to think about and work on a number of issues. Although the idea of selling over the Internet is attractive, you should remember that your e-commerce site will be a 24/7 open store and make the necessary investments. In this guide, we will focus on what you should pay attention to before moving your physical store to the internet.

Do you have a certain amount of capital for this business?

Opening an e-commerce site will also have its own costs. You will need to allocate a budget for site design, site infrastructure, virtual POS costs, security certificates, advertising and marketing efforts. In addition, if you have a team to manage your e-commerce site, you need to take into account the salaries of these employees.

Do you have a team?

You need to consider your e-commerce site as a business in itself. For this reason, you will need a team that will take care of your e-commerce site as well as your physical store. In the first place, you can manage this business with one person; However, as the business grows and brand awareness increases, you will need a team to manage your e-commerce site.

You will need to create this team and be able to finance the salaries of these employees. Otherwise, you will not get a good return on your investment because your e-commerce site is not managed well.

Will you be able to meet the online demand?

When you open your e-commerce site, you will need to deal with customers and orders other than those who come to your physical store. Are your workforce and production speed at a level to meet this demand? If you sell ready-made products, will the products in your stock meet the demands on the internet?

In addition, you will need to do your stock management well. The products you sell in your physical store should also be included in your e-commerce site. It is very important to immediately remove the products that are out of your stock on your e-commerce site. Otherwise, online shoppers can order products that have run out of stock and you will be in a difficult situation. If you sell products that are not in stock, you will lose the trust of your customers.

Do you know about digital marketing?

When you set up your e-commerce site, you need to work in the field of digital marketing. In order to reach internet users, you must be able to promote your brand and products to them by advertising and marketing activities on digital platforms.

You need to do content work on social media and increase the awareness of your e-commerce site with Google and social media ads. If you have not worked on these issues before, you can get outside support. If you want to learn about digital marketing, you can follow our guide articles and learn about these issues.

Can you provide online customer support?

You need to be able to answer the questions of users who order on the Internet, help them about the products when necessary, and provide support for problems that may occur after the order.

You may not need a call center if you are starting out with a small e-commerce site; however, you will need someone who can answer the questions of visitors to your site.

Will you be able to deliver orders on time?

It is also very important to keep track of the orders you receive over the internet and send these orders on time. By tracking these orders during the day, you should be able to ship these products within the time periods you specify. Otherwise, your customers may not choose you for their next shopping because they cannot receive their orders within the specified time frames.

By making order follow-ups at regular intervals, you will increase customer loyalty when you ship products on time. The happier you make your customers, the more loyal they stay with your brand.

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