What you need to know in international cargo shipments

What you need to know in international cargo shipments

If you are planning to make international sales, you should be prepared to make some researches and investments in cargo shipping processes. Unlike domestic shipments, the dynamics of international shipments can be different. In addition to the shipping processes and costs, the legal practices of the countries to be sent should be investigated and these practices should be followed. In this guide, we will focus on the issues you need to focus on if you are planning to ship international cargo.

Preparing an international cargo shipping strategy

This strategy will vary for each company. For this reason, it would be wrong to dwell on a single strategy; however, certain topics need to be emphasized. We can list these topics as follows:

Which regions will you send to?

  • Start with small goals: First of all, instead of sending to all countries, include regions that may be close to you or that your capacity can afford.
  • Follow current demand: Find solutions to meet current demand by tracking traffic and sales on your site.
  • Consider the target language: Study the target language to better address users in the target market.

Which products will you ship?

  • You should determine your products that will attract attention in the international market.
  • Since the cargo costs of the products with high volume and weight will increase, you should determine the products you choose for international shipping.
  • Choosing products that will not spoil or be easily damaged on the road will make you less interested in issues such as returns or customer problems.

To research the legal processes and practices of countries

Another important issue will be to investigate what kind of laws and practices of countries have in shipping and accepting cargo. Different certificates or permits may be required for certain products. While these permits and certificates may be required, some products may have some health related laws.

It is essential that you check the laws and practices of your target market and check the compliance of the products you plan to ship with these laws and practices. Failure to carry out these controls will cause your products to remain at customs as well as your customers will be victimized.

Pricing of shipments

When shipping abroad, it is also very important to determine the shipping costs and clearly indicate to the users. You need to pay attention to some issues while determining shipping costs.


Your shipments need to reach your customers in a solid way. For this reason, you need to make your packaging very solid. Of course, it is very important to prepare your boxes according to the optimum size, as the growth of the box and the increase in weight during the packaging process will increase the costs.

While determining your shipping costs, you should determine your product prices accordingly, taking into account the material costs in this packaging process.

Shipping cost

Shipping costs will vary according to different countries. In addition to increasing the distance, box size and weight will also directly affect these costs. In addition to these, different cargo companies may have different costs and conditions. You may receive a fixed price for international shipments, or you may encounter different pricing according to countries. For this reason, the location of the users will be an important determining factor when determining the shipping costs on the site.

In this case, you can either stop on a location-based system or optimize your product prices and include your shipping costs in your product prices.

Of course, since your product prices can rise very high in this option, you should find the most optimal option for you and offer users a paid shipping option instead of free shipping when necessary.

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