What your customer support staff should have

What your customer support staff should have

The behavior, skills and attitudes of your employees in your customer support department will seriously affect your customer satisfaction rates. Choosing your employees in this department well and giving them the necessary value will increase the quality of your communication with your customers as well as increase customer satisfaction significantly. Since your employees in this department are in direct contact with your customers, they show the real face of your company to your customers. For this reason, having employees with the right skills will affect your brand image well.


One of the most important qualities that your customer support staff should have is patience. Your employees need to be patient, both because they deal with customers’ problems most of the time, because they are constantly dealing with similar issues and because they have many meetings throughout the day.

Since their lack of patience can cause negative conversations with your customers during long interview processes, they can damage your brand image.

Good communication skills

In addition to being patient, these employees also need to have advanced communication skills. They need to be able to speak to them well by demonstrating the right attitude towards different types of customers and their different problems.

Good communication skills

However, your employees should be able to clearly state what they mean and use an understandable language. It is important that your customers do not create confusion by answering their questions clearly and concisely.

They must have the necessary knowledge about products and services

It is also very important that your employees have detailed information about all your services and products. Of course, since they can access this information after starting work, your employees in this department must go through a correct and effective orientation process and receive the necessary training. As a company, this responsibility is on you and it is very important that you train your employees well. Without knowing about the products, they cannot provide the necessary support to your customers.

The ability to communicate positively

Establishing positive communication with customers can change the consumers’ approach to the company as well as their purchasing decisions. If we proceed with an example;

Negative approach: “I can’t get the product you are looking for right now. This product is currently unavailable and I cannot do anything until next month. “

Positive approach: “The product you are looking for will be in our stocks next month; If you want, I can now create an order for you and have the product shipped to you as it is in our stock. “

There is a big difference between these two approaches and your customers can look at your company in a more positive way because of this approach. You should also pay attention to the language of your employees.

Time management

Your employees should also be effective in time management. Talking to customers longer sometimes helps you solve their problems better and help them more; however, sometimes employees cannot see any way to solve a customer’s problem. In this case, they should direct these customers to the right and authorized people. In this case, they should not waste time in terms of time management and not be able to distract both themselves and their customers.

Being able to empathize

Your employees need to be able to understand and empathize with what customers feel, what they think and feel about a particular problem. Lack of empathy can cause them to not fully understand customers, which can lead to inadequate communication.

The ability to persuade

Another important skill is the ability to persuade. In communication with consumers who want to get information about products and services; Your employees need to be able to persuade these consumers and direct them to try or buy your services. Lack of this ability can cause you to miss potential sales.

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