Why is it still important to advertise on Facebook?

Why is it still important to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertising still stands out as one of the important marketing methods for e-commerce companies today. When we say Facebook, it is necessary to address not only this platform, but also Instagram. After Instagram is bought by Facebook, ad management can be done for both platforms on Facebook ad manager.

The fact that both platforms can be advertised separately, of course, allows further customization of the ads and focus on a single platform. Even though companies whose target audience is more focused on Instagram, they give ads on Instagram instead of Facebook, but Facebook ads still have a value today. We will discuss the reasons for this in this article.

Why is it still important to advertise on Facebook?

Has the highest number of active users

Although the trends are shifting to different platforms, Facebook still has the highest monthly active members worldwide. This directly affects the size of the audience that can be reached on this platform. Facebook still has an important value in reaching millions of users with different demographics and interests.

Important to increase brand awareness

Advertising on Facebook is also important, as it enables a wide audience. You can reach your customer profiles in Facebook’s user base by making different targeting. In addition to organic content, you can have advertisements to promote your brand with advertising campaigns and you can make people see more content about you.

You can increase your sales

Advertising on Facebook plays an important role in increasing your sales. Nowadays, social media plays an important role in both advertising and sales. You can highlight your products by using different advertising models and direct your consumers to buy your products.

In addition, by opening a store on Facebook, you can list the products on your e-commerce site here and you can sell directly on Facebook. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales and promote your products. Users of IdeaSoft smart e-commerce package can list their products on Facebook with the Facebook Store plug-in and make sales here.

You benefit from a wide range of targeting options

Advertising on Facebook allows you to reach a wide variety of audiences. A wide range of ad targeting options allow you to reach exactly the customer profile you have in mind. One of the most important criteria in digital marketing is targeting, and making the right targeting increases ad performance and returns.

Choosing the right demographic structure, determining time intervals, choosing interests, budget control, and setting the ad text and visuals correctly increase the performance of your ads significantly. In our guide below, you can learn how to do detailed targeting for both Instagram and Facebook ads.

You can leave your ads quickly

Advertising on Facebook is very fast. You can publish your ads very quickly after you prepare your ad content and images, adjust your targeting settings and enter your budgets. If you want to promote quickly, especially during the campaign periods, it is very important to publish your ads quickly.

You can get a quick turnaround

When you prepare your ad content in an interesting way by making the right targeting, advertising on Facebook can provide you with fast returns. Since millions of users are actively using this platform on a daily basis, it enables you to deliver your products to the target audience. Especially startups can use Facebook ads to start selling products quickly.

You can drive traffic to your website

Apart from sales and brand awareness, these ads are also very important to drive traffic to your website. You can use these ads to get social media referral traffic. You can take advantage of these methods to increase your page value by both increasing brand awareness and increasing the number of visitors to your website.

These ads can be measured

Advertising on Facebook will make it easier for you to analyze the performance of the ads. From the statistics section on your brand page, you can analyze how both your organic shares and your advertising campaigns perform. It is important to do these analyzes to measure return on investment and returns. When you analyze your ads, you can create higher reversible advertising strategies by improving your advertising strategies.

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