Why should physical stores turn to e-commerce after the pandemic?

Why should physical stores turn to e-commerce after the pandemic?

The year 2020 has passed with a pandemic and the whole world has suffered from many issues. More importantly, it has been seen that the whole world is not ready for such an epidemic and crisis. All sectors were negatively affected by this situation, many companies downsized, many companies had to close, millions of people were unemployed. In short, there was a great economic recession throughout the world. We are still seeing the effects of the pandemic. While some countries are slowly getting through this process, economic stagnation continues in most of the world.

The pandemic has seriously affected companies and different industries have been affected in different ways. Even though many companies are actively operating again after home stay bans, stagnation and economic uncertainties still make the future of all sectors question.

Although the pandemic period caused stagnation in many industries, e-commerce companies managed to beat this period with less damage. Although physical stores have closed their shutters for a long time due to curfews and social distance rules, e-commerce companies have had the chance to manage this process better. The demand for e-commerce companies increased with the increase in online shopping in this process.

Before talking about why physical stores should turn to e-commerce with the pandemic, let’s look at how the pandemic affected them worldwide.

How have companies been affected during the pandemic era?

Companies faced serious difficulties during the pandemic process. The fact that companies experienced these difficulties naturally affected people as well. The increase in unemployment rates and the fact that the countries generally entered into an economic recession started a difficult process for companies. In the researches conducted by the BBC, it is seen what kind of processes companies and countries go through in 2020. We share some of these data and graphs below. You can find the whole research here.

The chart above shows the unemployment rates between 2019 and 2020 by countries. It seems that unemployment rates have increased in all countries during the pandemic process. It is seen that especially America is the country most affected in this process.

unemployment rates between 2019 and 2020 by countries

The chart above shows how the economic stagnation levels in countries are. Research carried out in a large part of the world, including in Turkey observed that there is a serious economic recession. The rates shared here cover the first quarter of 2020.

When looking at the general of the research, it is seen that companies and sectors are seriously affected. The increase in the number of employees on compulsory leave and a serious decrease in the travel and tourism sector show the effects of the pandemic on companies.

Physical stores were also seriously affected in this process. At this point, e-commerce is a solution for companies to reduce losses and minimize damage. So, what will be the benefits of moving your physical store to the internet during the pandemic process in the future?

Why should physical stores turn to e-commerce after the pandemic?

Consumers are now more receptive to online shopping

During the pandemic period, consumers began to tend to online shopping, compulsorily. Due to the fact that physical stores are closed and curfews, consumers have started to prefer e-commerce companies to meet their needs.

Their orientation to online shopping enabled consumers to spend more money on the internet as well as e-commerce companies to do their jobs regularly. Moving your physical store to the internet during and after the pandemic allows you to continue your sales on the internet in case of a possible epidemic or situation.

Many sectors stood out in e-commerce during the pandemic period

Due to the fact that physical stores are closed and consumers are turning to online shopping, many sectors have come to the fore in e-commerce. Apart from general needs, consumers started shopping online for personal needs. Many different product groups such as furniture, home textiles, clothing, cleaning, hygiene, books, automotive products, electronic products, and so on, started to be among the best-selling products on the internet in this process.

If you want to learn more about the prominent products during the pandemic process, you can review our guide below.

Ability to reach consumers 24/7

One of the advantages of moving your business to the internet is the ability to reach consumers 24/7. When your e-commerce site is built on a correct and reliable infrastructure, you can keep your business open 24/7, except for your maintenance work. This is an important feature as it can reach consumers at any time of the day. Consumers can shop online, go off work, spend time at home in the evening, or research a product they see on TV. Having an e-commerce site also helps you reach consumers in this process.

You won’t be tied to one location

One of the advantages that will enable you to grow your business during and after the pandemic is that when you open an online store, you will not be tied to a single location like in physical stores. Turkey or instead you can sell any product in the world. This allows you to reach a much wider audience than the street or street you are on.

Increasing your target audience naturally allows you to reach more people and naturally increase your sales volume and profitability. For this reason, moving your physical store online will provide you with many advantages to grow your company.

You can increase your brand awareness with digital marketing efforts.

You can also do digital marketing activities when you have a physical store; however, when you reach the consumers, only people from a certain location can come to your store and shop. This will limit you to a certain target audience, even if you get results from marketing and advertising.

However, when you sell online, your digital marketing efforts will reach a much wider audience. People who see your advertisements and content can reach you from your e-commerce site. In this way, you will have the chance to deliver your products to a wider audience. Physical stores have to go through a digital transformation in this transition. If you want to learn more about this subject, you can review our guide below.

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